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Freedom Moses


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The ''Freedom Moses'' brand was founded in Israel by Sarah Gurt. 1999 having a professional education as a shoe designer, Sarah Gurt has held important positions in high-end companies such as Thierry Mugler, Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta. Launched her sandal collection in 2014 in her birth country Israel. Every shade of ''Freedom Moses'' shoes is created honestly, leaving nothing to chance. According to Sarah Gurt, colors affect everyone’s mood and give the owner special energy. The founders of ''Freedom Moses'', its line of sandals symbolizes freedom and aims to offer a never-ending summer of "365 days a year."

The sandals are 100% vegan, made of a plastic material called PCU, which makes them both comfortable and long lasting ''Freedom Moses'' sandals are completely waterproof, hand washable, animal friendly, and have a pleasantly mild milk and honey odor that fights the unpleasant odor of the feet. These sandals can be worn all year round!

Freedom Moses