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About Columbia

Columbia Product

We take a holistic lifecycle approach to measuring, managing and improving the social, environmental, ethical and chemical impacts of our products. We use the Higg Index to do so. The Higg Index is an industry standard measurement tool managed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. The following sections provide an overview of our performance based on impact areas identified by the Higg Index.

Design for Quality and Longevity

We are committed to designing innovative and functional products for consumers who participate in a wide range of outdoor activities, enabling them to pursue their passions longer and in greater comfort by keeping them warm or cool, dry and protected. Quality and durability are important aspects of this, and we have vigorous material and product quality testing standards in place to ensure that our products are made to last. This helps to extend the life of the garments.

Extending the life of a garment and keeping it in circulation conserves natural resources and enables consumers to get the most out of our products. Columbia is proud of the high quality products we make and we offer a limited warranty for all of our products.

Versatility in Design

Our design team has one, primary goal: “Build Enduring and Iconic Product.” We strive to create products that are high in quality, versatile, and will be relevant and wearable for many seasons. Functionality and classic design ensure that the customer can feel confident wearing our products in multiple conditions and social settings. This level of versatility means one garment can be used over and over again – reducing general consumption.