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Camper Peu K200586

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Description of an item

Description of an item

Camper Peu K200586

Casual shoe for women. 100% perforated leather upper with laces. 20% recycled violet TPU outsole.

Our Peu women’s shoes are modeled after the shape of the foot with a unique silhouette that retains all the benefits of barefoot walking.

  • Upper: calfskin;
  • Outsole/Features: TPU with contact earth technology for abrasion resistance;
  • 360º stitched for durability;
  • Elastic shoelaces for easy fit and adaptability;
  • Insole: removable footbed with cushioning system;
  • Lining: 61% Pigskin 39% Calfskin.

Country of origin: Vietnam.

Size table

Size table

35 5 2 21,8-22,3
36 6 3 22,4-23,0
37 7 4 23,1-23,7
38 8 5 23,8-24,3
39 9 6 24,4-25,0
40 10 7 25,1-25,7
41 11 8 25,8-26,3
42 12 9 26,4-27,0
43 10 9 27,1-27,7
44 11 10 27,8-28,3
How to care for CAMPER footwear?

How to care for CAMPER footwear?

Care Instructions:

Protect shoes from direct sunlight, high humidity, and heat sources. Extreme conditions can damage the leather and affect the shape or color of the shoes.


Do not wash footwear in the washing machine. Clean with a dry cloth or use special products designed for cleaning suede leather. Dry cleaning is recommended for suede leather.


Dry shoes at room temperature. Avoid direct heat sources such as radiators or heaters, as excessive heat can damage the material.


Store shoes in a cool and dry place. Avoid squeezing them, as this can affect their shape. Using shoe trees can help maintain their shape.

About Camper

About Camper

Camper logo-min


Camper® is not just a shoe, but the result of the Mallorca family dream. Making shoes since 1877, the Mallorca family dream combines the original artisan roots with an industrial vocation. Not only does this Mediterranean dream stand for a way of doing, living and feeling, it's a dream that has taken Camper on a walk across the world!

Camper offers a variety of products as the direct result of a commitment to creativity. The shoes are comfortable, useful, functional and versatile.

With their long history in shoe-making, the brand without exception manufactures both creative and well-made shoes. "Reinvent your reality and start with your shoes" - that is the motto of the footwear brand. Perfectly embodying the freedom and easy-going lifestyle of Spain, the comfort and quality of Camper sandals and shoes are hard to overlook.



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Camper Peu K200586


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